Award Law360

Law360 Firms of the Year

Kirkland was selected as one of only three Law360 “Firms of the Year” based on the Firm’s “Practice Group of the Year” wins and skillful management of the year’s highest stakes, highest profile work. The honor is the first of its kind for Kirkland and distinguishes the Firm from the 80 firms that Law360 honored with Practice Group of the Year awards.

Eight Kirkland practice areas were chosen as Law360 “Practice Groups of the Year”:

Capital Markets
Intellectual Property
Mergers & Acquisitions
Private Equity
Real Estate

The series distinguishes practice groups for outstanding work on the biggest deals and high-stakes litigation of 2015.

The Firm’s Private Equity Practice Group has been honored as a Practice Group of the Year for the last five years, and the Firm’s Restructuring and M&A groups have been honored for four of the last five years.