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The 2023 NLJ Awards: Professional Excellence

The National Law Journal recognized Kirkland in various categories as part of the 2023 National Law Journal Professional Excellence Awards. The Firm and its lawyers were highlighted for work in appellate, crisis management, ESG, IP and litigation. 


ESG & Community Impact Leaders

  • "Our clients are some of the most dynamic and innovative firms and companies on the planet. Building an area of law to support them in their journeys is deeply satisfying." - Alex Farmer

D.C. Rising Stars - Tracie Bryant and Kasdin Miller Mitchell

  • “I learned the key to client development is making good friends, then waiting for something bad to happen. I work first to know my clients as people, not only as potential business opportunities.” - Tracie Bryant
  • "I try to really get a handle on my client's business and priorities and understand their perspective. That helps me think creatively and develop a tailored, winning strategy." - Kasdin Miller Mitchell

Appellate Hot List

  • "Kirkland’s appellate team has a deep bench and is not cloistered from general litigation practice; attorneys are embedded early in the life of cases, to think strategically from the beginning and position the client for ultimate success on appeal." - John O'Quinn 


D.C. Litigation Department of the Year - General Litigation

  • "At any level of litigation, from trial all the way to SCOTUS, our strategy is driven by the objective of helping our clients solve their problems effectively and efficiently. By focusing on bolstering the capabilities and expertise of our already world-class litigation practice, we're able to match the right skills and industry know-how to the most complex matters. - Judson Brown

Winning Litigators - Craig Primis

  • "While there are many keys to success at trial - relentless preparation, developing themes and a compelling narrative, etc. - one practice that has never let me down is handling all court proceedings with honesty and integrity. Being honest and addressing challenges head on builds credibility and a reserve of good will you can draw on throughout the trial." - Craig Primis

Crisis Management and Government Oversight

  • "The Kirkland team stands out for its versatility and range. We can respond in any forum - from the boardroom to the halls of Congress and State Capitols, to the courts in the U.S. and abroad, to the court of public opinion and the capital markets. We do so seamlessly and with great credibility and expertise." - Reg Brown

D.C. IP Litigation Department of the Year

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