Workplace Compliance & Investigations — #MeToo

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Kirkland’s team was outstanding. Smart, dedicated, hard-working, very responsive. They really did terrific work in a very complex situation.” - Chambers Crisis & Risk Management, 2023

Companies dealing with workplace harassment allegations face increasing investment and reputational risk. Investors should be focused on assessing this risk and finding ways to implement better risk-management policies.

If you’re not addressing #MeToo risks, you are already behind. A simple hashtag, meant to draw attention to the pervasive nature of sexual abuse in our society, has grown into a movement aggressively working to uncover and stop misconduct in the workplace. In less than two years, the #MeToo movement has led to a paradigm shift in the risk management and compliance landscape. These issues affect public and private companies of all size and across industries, and allegations of sexual misconduct, particularly against senior executives, can lead to significant lost shareholder value, reputational harm, litigation and shareholder activism.

In an era where the court of public opinion judges swiftly, we are equipped to respond expeditiously to our clients’ needs during a #MeToo crisis. Our team of A-list crisis management and workplace compliance attorneys is skilled in partnering with clients through the thunderous, and often complicated, aftermath of these sensitive allegations. Because we are commonly called upon to guide clients through matters of this nature, we continue to innovate solutions for our clients to prevent and mitigate risk in this area. From our comprehensive approach to compliance and risk-based investigation process to our deep reserve of nationally acclaimed litigators, we remain best prepared to handle our clients’ specific needs.