Kirkland Immigration Network

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Kirkland Immigration Network

Since 2006, the Kirkland Immigration Network (KIN) has helped to connect Kirkland attorneys and staff with opportunities to serve immigration clients and facilitate knowledge-sharing among all members of the Kirkland team who are committed to immigration matters.  Originally a Chicago-specific initiative, KIN has now expanded to include all of Kirkland's U.S. offices.

Through KIN, Kirkland attorneys and staff serve immigration clients in asylum petitions, U-Visa and Violence Against Women Act petitions, appellate advocacy, know-your-rights presentations, and the representations of unaccompanied minors to obtain special immigrant juvenile status. KIN attorneys also represent immigration organizations, such as the National Immigrant Justice Center, by filing amicus briefs and administrative petitions for rulemaking. Kirkland attorneys also work closely with Sanctuary for Families, Immigration Equality, and other immigration partners in representing clients seeking immigration-related remedies. 

Under the KIN umbrella are such projects as the Kirkland Immigration Intervention Project for Domestic Violence Victims and the LGBT Asylum Project. Including these projects and others under one Firmwide initiative allows these projects to benefit from the related work that each has accomplished, and provides a support framework for any immigration-related cases that attorneys take on from other organizations.

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