Kirkland Seminar

Unlocking the Retail Market

Kirkland is hosting a webinar this month that will highlight Navigating the European Regulatory Framework with Retail Strategies. This discussion is the sixth segment of a seven-part webinar series exploring one of the fastest growing products: Retail Access Funds.

The webinar series will be hosted by Kirkland partners Michael Beinus, Meredith LevyDavid Perechocky, Pamela Poland Chen, Brad Green, Lisa Nosal, Nicole Runyan, William Tuttle, Erin Lett, Reva Raghavan, Lisa Cawley and Kim Kaufman and associates Ellen Liew, Charles Gargano and Nick Tarnowski.

Program Schedule

  • October 2023 — Current Market Opportunity Key Considerations When Forming a Retail Fund Structuring Options
  • November 2023 — Private Credit Funds: Business Development Companies (BDCs) and Interval Funds
  • December 2023 — The Value Proposition of a Real Estate Access Fund
  • January 2024 — Private Equity/Venture Capital Funds: Historic Approaches and Newer Trends
  • February 2024 — RIC Taxation 101
  • March 2024 — Navigating the European Regulatory Framework with Retail Strategies
  • April 2024 — Capital Formation: Contribution Transactions and Distribution Channels

Learn more and register for the upcoming March webinar.