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Joshua L. Simmons

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New York
Phone: +1 212-446-4989
Fax: +1 212-446-6460
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May/June 2018 - Article
Split Personality: Constructing a Coherent Right of Publicity Statute
Joshua Simmons and Miranda Means authored this article regarding the "growing battleground" surrounding rights of publicity.
3/23/2018 - Article
New York Law Journal
‘Substantial Similarity’: A New Approach to Dismissing Implied-in-Fact Contract Claims?
Josh Simmons authored an article regarding implied-in-fact contract claims.
1/1/2018 - Article
Intellectual Property Law in Cyberspace
Digital Millennium Copyright Act: 20 Years Later
Joshua Simmons authored a chapter for this annual treatise covering legal issues at the interface of IP and the Internet.
8/3/2017 - Article
Software IP — It's Not Just For Tech Cos. Anymore
Josh Simmons authored an article regarding software protection strategy.
August 2017 - Article
Landslide: Section of Intellectual Property Law
Contentious Construction
Joshua Simmons and Megan McKeown authored this article regarding the copyrightability of computer language.
May 22, 2017 - Article
The New York Law Journal
Searching for Web Crawling's Legal Boundaries
Joshua Simmons discusses the increased use of web crawling technology.
May-June 2013 - Article
Social Media in the Digital Millennium
Joshua Simmons authored an article regarding the legal and social media implications of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
11/28/2012 - Article
New York University Journal of Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law
Inventions Made for Hire
Joshua Simmons authored an article regarding developments in copyright and patent law.
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